MMA Uncaged Issue #5 Digital Copy


Digital copy of Issue #5 (August 2012) of MMA Uncaged.

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MMA Newsline
Snippets from the world of MMA

Dan Henderson Exclusive
In this month’s Rookie Talks, Michael Rook profiles Hendo

MMA Talk
Alan Orr and Duane Harper take another look at judging and game plans

Shark Tank
Eddy Millis and the path to devastating leg kicks: part 1

Ask Coach Sonnon
This month coach Sonnon looks at evolved power and the 5×5 clubbell training programme

Rock Expo
A full report on the first rumble on the rock martial arts expo

Warrior’s Diary
In this month’s Warrior’s Diary, Dan ‘Warrior’ Singh takes us on a Muay Thai Crash Course

Training Grips
Michael Warren shows us how to build killer grip strength

Steve Cotter
Preparing the mind and preparing the body

Ashley Horner’s Fighting Strength
Conditioning the body and working on cardio exercises

Coach Vik Hothi
Vik Hothi takes us through the clubbell trial by fire

Lifestyle – The Fear Factor
Ashley Horner talks us through beating what we fear and hitting the goals we set

Jake ‘Brutal’ Bostwick
This issue Jake ‘Brutal’ Bostwick is back with more friendly ground and pound skills showing us UFC’s Matt Hughes’ special knee on the belly and cross body position

Andy Ogle
Life after The Ultimate Fighter, Andy Ogle tells us all about it and what’s next for the youngblood

Leo Negao
Leo Negao and Alan Orr take a look at the Back Attack in BJJ for MMA

The Old Guard
Duane Harper talks us through the road back to recovery

Hot Tips
Ashley Horner’s hot tips for the beach body this summer

Crezio De Souza
Master Crezio De Souza explains the importance of the team in training a fighter

The Yogi Warrior
Tim Nielsen focuses on the hips in martial arts

Clan Wars 12
A preview on what’s to come at Clan Wars 12 in August

Mark Jarvis – Joker’s Training Diary
Jess Liaudin’s training diary through May 2012

The Fight Scientist
Lee Hollins talks technology in MMA

MMA For The Street
Bill Nicholson and Chris Crossan look at how effective BJJ is in a street encounter

UK MMA League
The finals round 4 report

Ray ‘Say It’ Flores
A report on UFC 148

Fury MMA
Review and results by Adam Parrott

Heroes Ink
Tribal tattoo designs by Shane Somers

Media Chimp
What’s happening in August

Gym Review
This month’s gym review profiles Team Kaobon


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