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Issue #40 (Jan / Feb 2017) of MMA Uncaged featuring Jack Marshman, Mikey Rukus and much more…

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Soldiering on
It’s the day many Welsh MMA fans have been waiting for, Jack Marshman, a soldier from Abertillery will become the first mixed martial artists from Wales to fight at the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

The Dentist
One of the UFC’s latest UK signings, Darren ‘The Dentist’ Stewart has been carving his way through the UKMMA ranks and getting himself noticed thanks to his superb striking ability. Curtis Blake sees the dentist to find out more.

Causing A ‘Rukus’
Emma Bramford talks to World renowned MMA Fight Music Producer, Mikey Rukus, the man responsible for numerous custom walk out tracks and providing the soundtrack and music score for the full length feature film Fight Valley.

There’s No Rush
A multi-fight deal, a superstar model girlfriend, a semi-permanent base with one of the planet’s top MMA teams, all whilst riding an 11-fight win streak. Life isn’t too bad for the Brutal one, Jake Bostwick.

Here to ‘Dominate’
It has been one hell of a year for Terry ‘The Dominator’ Brazier. From entering the year as a 2-1 pro, the NFM juggernaut has breezed throught three opponents, got married, spent time training in Thailand and fought for his first piece of professional silverwear. Chris Emmanuel explains.

Creasey Brothers
Chris Emmanuel profiles two promising youngsters, Elite Training Camp’s ‘Reapers’ Sam and Tom Creasey, who are rated as two of the most promising up and coming flyweight prospects in Europe.

Renzo Gracie
A member of world’s most famous fighting family, Renzo Gracie’s aggressive style has not only helped him triumph in the ring,
but has been tried and tested in countless street encounters. Fiaz Rafiq talks to this BJJ legend.

Liam McGeary
The first British born world MMA champion ever, and easily one of the most exciting fighters out there, Liam McGeary in his first interview since losing the title to ‘Mr Wonderful’. Mick Tully finds out what the former Bellator world champion has to say.

Train It

Tully’s Techniques
In this month’s Tully’s Techniques, Mark Tucker takes over the reins and demonstrates a failed arm triangle to Kimura.

Clinch Fighting
Andrew Zerling looks at the history behind clinch fighting from Ancient Greece and feudal Japan to today’s mixed martial arts (MMA) and beyond.

Project – 2K17
New Year is a great opportunity to set new goals and targets. Michael Warren shares his tips for a new you.

Blackledge Techniques
In this issue Tom Blackledge – a UFC and M-1 veteran who has coached all around the world – takes a look at the armbar from a couple of positions and a couple of variations to counter.

A Good Broth
A good diet makes for a better performance on the mat. Here Stella Blackledge gives the low-down on Bone Broth.

Live It

Fight Photos
We continue our series of looking behind the lens at the work of the men and women who travel the country in pursuit of the perfect fight image. This month Amy Kaplan.

Polaris 4
Seymour Yang reports on the fourth instalment of the Polaris Professional Submission Only Jiu Jitsu Invitational.

In Pictures
Photo journalist Amy Kaplan snaps all the action from Parq Fight Night: The Hurt Business.

Andreas Georgiou reports on the second annual International Mixed Martial Arts Federation European Open Championships.

Tanko 2
Ian Butlin reports on the North-West’s fastest growing fight promotion.

Caged Steel had a fight card stacked with 18 well matched fights full of National talent, but did it live up to expectation, Harry Strutt reveals all.

MMA Industry

Talking Points
Thers’s no doubt, 2016 has been a great year for MMA. Six new UFC champions, ABC rule changes and great new tournaments. ‘The Gentleman’ Dan Movahedi rounds up all the action.

A Beautiful Mind
Bryony Tyrell discusses the hidden danger of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

Woman’s Youch
Sammy Morris became involved behind the scenes of Bare Knuckle Boxing some time ago as a runner and doing corners and always had an eye for the safety of fighters. So who better to be appointed Safety Officer for ‘The World Bare Knuckle Boxing Council’? Stu Armstrong explains.

Fresh Produce
MMA Uncaged takes a look at some of the latest MMA products making waves. This issue Rainha and Scramble fightwear.

MMA Bites

In Cage News we welcome Addicted On The Road’s big cheese and man-of-much-MMA-knowledge, Ben Farrelly as he looks at the latest round of UK fighters who have made their mark on the UFC.

Andy Sledge, a man who is opinionated and swears a lot, gives his views on all things MMA related. This issue the top boys (and girls).

Ian Butlin takes at look behind the scenes at our shiny new MMA Uncaged TV Talk Show MMAUtv.

Our quick chat this month is Chris Thompson who talks about his time as a professional MMA fighter.


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