MMA Uncaged Issue #38 Hard Copy


Issue #38 (Sep / Oct 2016) of MMA Uncaged featuring Paddy Pimblett, Swayze Valentine and much more…



MMA Bites

We preview the Absolute Championship, Caged Steel, UBBAD Summer Square Off. We have quick chats with UFC fighter Carlos Condit and star model Callie Bundy. And Rosi Sexton talks about ‘Playing the long game’ a unique seminar designed to teach grapplers practical biomechanical concepts.

The Queen Of Cuts

UFC’s first female cutwoman, Swayze Valentine talks to Emma Bramford about her journey to where she is today and her personal goals.

King Of The North

Everybody is talking about Paddy Pimblett – but just who is this rising MMA star they call ‘The Baddy’? Chris Emmanuel explains.


Chi ‘Chopper’ Lewis-Parry is an easy man to spot in a crowd – standing as he does at 6’ 10” and weighing around 240lbs – he’s a definite heavyweight fighter. But is there more to him, MMA Uncaged finds out.

Made In Somerset

BAMMA Heavyweight champion, Mark ‘The Hand of’ Godbeer is a native of Bridgwater in Somerset who fights out of Trojan Freefighters in Cheltenham. Chris Emmanuel talks to him.

Fight Photos

A new series taking a look behind the lens at the work of the men and women who travel the country in pursuit of the perfect fight image. We ask them to choose their favourite fight images from over the years. First up, Jamie Lee Smith of Dn4 Photography.

Ricky Scraps

Amy Kaplan talks to Combate America’s currently undefeated flyweight prospect, Heinrich ‘Ricky Scraps’ Wassmer.

Bad Intention

From Mixed Martial Arts to Bare Knuckle Boxing with equally ‘Bad Intentions’. Former training partner of Conor McGregor, Liam James is out to make a huge statement in BKB.

A Journey Into MMA

MMA Uncaged talks to Elbiz Bison, an accomplished martial artist who has been coaching MMA for some years now, about his goal of taking fighters to the top.

Royce Gracie

Fiaz Rafiq talks to his good friend and UFC pioneer, Royce Gracie about the hypothetical match up between Amir Khan and Conor Mcgregor.

Tully’s Tech

Mick Tully‘s technique of the month – lift to back mount and rear naked choke.

Triangle Chokes

Tom Blackledge takes a look at utilising the guard for MMA and preventing your opponent applying ground and pound whilst you’re on your back. He will also use a few options to prevent the strikes and look at ways to set up the triangle choke.

Circadian Rhythm 101

The optimal time of day to complete strength training is not usually something that people think about. Here Michael Warren discusses using our rhythm to become stronger and faster.

Coach Vik

Vik Hothi continues his recover from a recent ACL injury. This month the rehab/prehab protocol for the lower body.


Ben Coomber continues his series on building a diet for MMA. This month, supplements.


Ben Coomber looks at the super power vegetable, Beetroot.

London Calling

On July 16, 2016, MMA fans gathered at the O2 Arena in London to see Bellator 158 – one of the most eagerly anticipated shows in the UK this year. Jamie Lee Smith reports.


In a small nightclub in Gloucester, Ultimate Impact Championship held their first Mixed Martial Arts event to a full club. Here Emma Bramford explains how it all came about.


MMA referee Daniel Mohavedi was lucky enough to work on a show that showed the power of MMA, Wimp 2 Warrior. It reminded him why we all love this sport so much. Here he explains.

Over The Moon

WFC-UK is an up-and-coming fight promotion based in Leicestershire that is hosting its third show. We caught up with the show’s founder, Richard Moon, for a chat about the promotion and his plans for the show.

MMA Industry
We review the latest DVD releases, The Hurt Business and Kickboxer: Vengeance and take a look at some of the latest MMA products making waves.


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