MMA Uncaged Issue #37 Digital Copy


Digital copy of Issue #37 (July / Aug 2016) of MMA Uncaged.

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MMA Bites
A tribute to late Muhammad Ali and Jordan Parsons. Quick chats with current UFC Welterweight Champion Robbie Lawler and star model Janna Breslin. Ariel Helwani’s latest discretion and Dan Movahedi discusses the journey men of MMA.

Rebecca Davies
Security Officer Rebecca Davies talks about how she has adapted her MMA training to self defence.

Bellator Preview
Martial arts is hitting London in a big way in mid July. Not only will it play host to the Combat & Strength show but also Bellator 158.

MMA Entertainer
When it comes to dynamic striking they don’t come much more dynamic than Chase ‘ET’ Morton.

Michael Bisping
Fiaz Rafiq talks to the UFC UK poster boy, Michael Bisping, a guy who helped the UFC gain momentum in Britain.

Ian Butler
Life hasn’t always been easy for Bellator and Glory fighter Ian Butler, but now he intends to make a name for himself at Glory 30.

One More Round
Chris Emmanuel profiles a living legend, the Milford Haven bad boy, the Gangster Prince of Wales; David ‘One More’ Round.

MMA Pioneers
Tony Reid continues his profiles of the leading lights of MMA who have helped bring the sport to its current form. This issue sees him meet Pat Miletich.

Rorion Gracie
Rorion Gracie is the man we all should credit and respect in terms of making MMA a reality. Fiaz Rafiq interviews the great one.

The Priest
Emma Bramford profiles Scott Clist, a guy who claims, at the age of 38, he will be in the UFC by the end of the year.

BJJ Wizard
Mick Tully talks to Braulio Estima, a 3rd degree black belt BJJ who received his black belt from the legendary Carlos Gracie, Jr.

Estima Locks
Mick Tully and Braulio Estima hit the mat for some addictive yet therapeutic training.

Osman Aslam
MMA Uncaged columnist Fiaz Rafiq talks to Osman Aslam about conditioning aspects of training that both boxers and MMA athletes can benefit from.

Sixteen of the world’s best black belts met for the sixth Eddie Bravo Invitational (EBI).

Caged Steel
The pride of Yorkshire’s latest Caged Steel Fighting Championship.

Battle Arena
Chris Emmanuel introduces you to the world of Battle Arena. The hidden gem of UK MMA

UFC Preview
MMA Uncaged takes a look at the UFC’s biggest event for 2016 as it reaches a massive milestone in its history.

EFC 48
Anchored by two title fights in the bantamweight and heavyweight divisions, EFC 48 delivered a string of knockouts.

Judo And MMA
Judo international Andy Costello talks about the very first UFC, how relevant Judo was then, and how it has integrated into modern day MMA as other styles have staked their claim.

Judo 4 MMA
Andy Costello gives away his top secret Judo techniques. This month Harai Goshi – forward throws.

Takedown Defence
Tom Blackledge takes a look at and demonstrates how he feels the long awaited rematch between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier will pan out.

Coach Vik
Vik Hothi continues his recovery from a recent ACL injury. This month the ‘Post Op’ recovery stage.

Strength 101
Michael Warren looks at the 5 strength fundamentals that all MMA athletes must adhere to for ultimate success inside the cage.

Ben Coomber continues his series on building a diet for MMA. This month nutrition and exercise performance.

Ben Coomber looks at the positive effects of Creatine, one of the most popular workout supplement on the market.


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